Making you happy is who we are


More than a decade ago, when our business started, we couldn’t imagine how addicted we would become to this job.
I mean we always loved playing music for people and having fun, but weddings… is another thing.

It’s all about making dreams come true, dreams of a woman and her man celebrating their love, surrounded by their closest family and friends, ending the day in the most epic way.
Their wedding party.

That’s why we put all our heart and passion to accomplish one simple but great thing. That day to make you happy.

Happiness is infectious

Your joy is what motivates us to truly perform from the heart and radiate happy energy back to you.
Being happy & enthusiastic by nature, we can help you create a cosy, fun and energetic atmosphere at your wedding party.

Orchestrating Your Wedding Soundtrack

Your wedding party will be the crescendo,the epic finale at your grand premiere in married life.

Having a vast experience in destination weddings with couples from all over the world, that qualifies us to understand the individual needs,cultures and tastes in music.

Using some inspiration,creativity and lots of enthusiasm we will create a fusion of your favorite songs with our relative favors, orchestrating your personal wedding soundtrack.

On the day you've been dreaming of, Let your personality shine out!

We care about your wedding and we give everything we have to exceed your expectations.

Your thoughts will be listened, your vision will be embraced, the right steps will be planned,leading to a wedding celebration where your personality, your style, your feelings, your music, everything you are about will shine out.

Planning to have your own wedding in Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Greece or anywhere in the world?